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Jesus Is Better

Luke 7:20-20

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In a confusing world where people struggle to find truth and a sense of balance in their lives, its important to know that the choice to follow Jesus is the best decision they could make. Jesus is better than the things in this world and this series explores many of the key areas where people struggle spiritually.

Sermons In This Series

Jesus Is Better #1

Luke 7:20-20

Was it all worth it; was it all for nothing? All the preaching, the witnessing, the life we spend in the service of God. The question we want to know the answer to is simply “Is Jesus Better”? [ read more...]

Jesus Is Better #2

John 3:1-2

Jesus the child that was born, the son that was given: who has authority over spiritual governments and powers: He is Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. He Is Better. [ read more...]

Jesus Is Better #3

Mark 5:1-9

See this name of Jesus has authority over everything in this world. There is nothing that can be named that the name of Jesus does not have authority over. [ read more...]

Jesus Is Better #4

Joel 3:14-14

With every decision you take, every judgment you make, there is a battle in your mind - a battle between intuition and logic. The problem researchers tell us is that when we allow our fast, intuitive system to make decisions; we make wrong decisions. [ read more...]

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Family Life

Families are suffering. All around the world, the failure of the family is causing serious problems. Why are families falling apart? The world has forgotten the Creator of the family and left His design out of their plans. [ read more... ]

Image for series Breaking Out of the Debt Trap

Breaking Out of the Debt Trap

Surprisingly, one of the biggest topics talked about in the bible is money. Money is both a blessing and a curse to Christians, because it gives us the opportunity to put more faith in God and it also gives us the opportunity to take our faith away from God. In this series, “Breaking Out Of The Debt Trap,” our minds are challenged to think in terms of ‘God’s economics.’ Is there a greater way for God to test our faith in Him than asking for us to give back, or hold back, a little of what’s already his? [ read more... ]

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