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A Season Of Change

Genesis 1:11-14

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Sermons In This Series

Change is Coming

Genesis 1:11-14

It is time for a new season. There is a reason to move on. The sun is setting on a few things. The season is changing with a few situations. A new day is on the horizon. Something is about to change in your life. [ read more...]

Let There Be Light!

Genesis 1:14-14

It’s time for something to break loose inside of you that says, “I’m not staying where I was.” It’s time for something to wake up. It’s time for something to germinate. It’s time for some creative part of you to say, “This is not how it’s going to remain.” Something’s got to change. [ read more...]

A New Season, A New System

Genesis 1:11-13

We must understand that our God is a systematic God. He does things in order. It may look like chaos to you, but in the end, you will understand what He was doing. He’s a revelatory God; He reveals things. [ read more...]

Your Future Is Inside of You

Genesis 1:11-11

It may not look like much right now; it’s a seed. It may not appear to have much potential; it’s not all that big, it’s just a seed. It’s going to have to go through some seasons. It’s going to have to endure through some storms. It’s going to need to find some good ground in your life, so it’s not choked out by the cares of this world. But potential is inside of you. The future is inside of you. [ read more...]

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