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All In Him

Acts 19:1-7

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In this series, “All In Him,” we learn what it means to be fully and completely sold out to God. We are shown, through scriptural example, the change that happens within a person when he or she decides to fully submit to God. Through water baptism and the filling of the Holy Ghost, we are forever changed on the Inside; the old us leaves and a new, improved us enters.

Sermons In This Series

All In Him, Part 1

Acts 19:1-7

This is the critical error of much of “Christianity” today!?Paul puts down false doctrine by lifting up Jesus Christ – over thirty times in just four chapters he uses the little word “ALL” – because it’s all in HIM! Jesus Christ is not just “prominent” here, He is PREEMINENT! [ read more...]

All In Him, Part 2

2 Peter 1:3-4

The power of the Holy Ghost doesn't just RESTRAIN the desires of the flesh, it RETRAINS us by putting new desires within - we do not need LAW on the outside because we have LIFE on the inside! [ read more...]

All In Him, Part 3

Exodus 15:6-6

We are to have new life NOW! Life is what you are alive to (what makes you "come alive") - and our life is in Christ because IT’S ALL IN HIM! [ read more...]

All In Him, Part 4

Nehemiah 4:9-9

Paul did not ask for prison doors to be opened, but for doors of ministry to be opened! (His prayer was for God to help him do the very thing that got him put in prison in the first place!) [ read more...]

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