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Take The Pressure Off; Take The Limits Off

Matthew 6:24-34

Topics: Father's Day

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  • Image for sermon Take The Pressure Off; Take The Limits Off
  • Image for sermon Take The Pressure Off; Take The Limits Off


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We, God’s children, are not designed to live in fear, but we are designed as God-like creatures to live by faith. When God put Adam and Eve out of the Garden, it was cursed outside the garden. They were not made for outside the garden. When you accept Jesus into your life, it’s like saying, “let me back in!” The blessing over rides the earth’s curse.

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Pick Up The Pieces

Ezekiel 22:30-30
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Men, we must take responsibility! It may involve some risk and putting yourself on the line, but we have to shine an example of righteousness to our families and children. [ read more... ]

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Mission Impossible

Genesis 6:11-14
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We can’t continue the madness; we must step up and give our young men a fighting chance to become great-matured men and fathers. We have to teach them what we had to learn the hard way. We need more men that are willing to listen to and follow after the voice of God. [ read more... ]

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Kingdom Connection for Generational Blessings

Proverbs 22:6-6
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God made you in his image after his likeness. He created you to be like him, in a way. God wants you to reign over the things of this earth, just like he reigns over the things in heaven. Like father, like son! [ read more... ]

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The Measure Of A Man

1 Timothy 6:11-12
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Instead of men who are pursuing the American dream, or chasing after empty pots of gold, or giving themselves a pass that leans toward laziness and checking out from responsibility, these are some measurements that are going to require work to obtain. But what if there were just a handful of men in this city who wanted to say, “I want to measure up to what God wants me to be!” Our churches would change, our families would change, and our destinations would change. My prayer on this Father’s Day (this year) is that we pursue the things that God measures men by. However, it is important to understand that every man who comes into the Kingdom of God is designated as a man of God whether he is in a pulpit or not. Every father is preaching with his life as much as he is with his words. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon The Influence of a Father

The Influence of a Father

Genesis 7:5-7
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Over the past few decades we have seen a disturbing decline of a father’s influence in the home. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 1996 report revealed that only 25% of the households in the United States have a father and mother with their own children. In the same report, 29.2 million households were maintained by a mother only and, as a result, these families were most likely to live in poverty. [ read more... ]

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The Kiss of A Father

Luke 15:11-20
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So we want to “Rend” honor to you “Fathers” today Amen! This story that we have read in our text this morning can only be comprehended with experience. And what I mean by that is, outside of experience, all you have is a limited amount of understanding as to what is being said about this young man and his “Father.” [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Lessons From The Field

Lessons From The Field

Matthew 13:3-3
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Our text simply informs us that a sower went forth to sow. He had a job to do and that was to gain a crop from the field. I want to preach on a Father’s Day about Lessons from the Field. [ read more... ]

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Fathers Who Carry Arks

Joshua 3:15-17
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Defeat! He lay there silently, a tear dropped from his eye. “There’s no sense running anymore—three strikes, I’m out—why try?” The will to rise had disappeared, all hope had fled away, So far behind, so error prone, closer all the way. “I’ve lost, so what’s the use,” he thought, “I’ll live with my disgrace.” But then... [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Father's Day Message

Father's Day Message

Deuteronomy 4:9-9
Topic: Father's Day
A Father can be defined in many ways and the Bible shows him as the head of the family, the ruler, and provider, and as he who trains his children in the fear of God. Our heavenly Father is defined as creator, protector, life giver, healer the names for God are a list to long to mention. In Isaiah, chapter nine, verse six, he is called, Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Fathers are to train up their children in the way they should go and when he is old he won’t depart from them. Proverbs 22-6 The Israelites were commanded to teach their children the laws of God. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best

Exodus 2:1511-1511
Topic: Father's Day
Did you realize that the people with whom God associated himself in this world in those ancient days, the three great Patriarchs of what became a great nation of Israel, all had wives who were BARREN? God is known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These are the patriarchs whose children were born and became a great and mighty nation. They fathered children, born from a woman who could not produce children in their own power. Women who were barren and touched by God to accomplish the very thing that would bring this nation into existence. If God is going to be associated with anybody in this world, it is going to be with people who have exhausted their own strength and reach out to Him to do what needs to be done. In all your discouragement, you can’t go too far from God. God reached way over and manifested in a burning bush at a place of barrenness. To speak to Moses. God will be the God of anyone who is barren in themselves and knows it. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Dads are a Big Deal

Dads are a Big Deal

1 Corinthians 11:3-3
Topic: Father's Day
In the first century, families were presided over by fathers who could do whatever they pleased in their homes. Rome had a law called patria potestas, which meant “the father’s power.” Men who were Roman citizens were given absolute rights over their families. By law, the children and the wife were regarded as the patriarch’s personal property, and he could do with them what he wished. A displeased father could disown his children, sell them into slavery, or even kill them if he wished. When a child was born, the baby was placed between the father’s feet. If the father picked up the baby, the child stayed in the home. If he turned and walked away, the child was either left to die or sold at auction. Seneca, a contemporary of the apostle Paul, described Roman policy with regard to unwanted animals: “We slaughter a fierce ox; we strangle a mad dog; we plunge a knife into a sick cow. Children born weak or deformed we drown.” Things are not much better today, are they? Millions of unwanted babies are aborted each year. Children have become a disposable commodity in our society, just as they were in Rome! But the Bible calls Christian fathers to a different standard! [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Burn A Hole In The Fire

Burn A Hole In The Fire

Mark 9:17-27
Topic: Father's Day
There isn’t a father here today who would knowingly let his kids come into the presence of a lion, a tiger, a wolf, an anaconda, or any other great predator of the wild. But there is a wily predator in our society that is working to undermine the authority, the commitment, and the determination of every father in this house. . . but it is time to burn a hole in the fire! [ read more... ]

Image for sermon A Message to Young Men

A Message to Young Men

Genesis 3:1-6
Topic: Father's Day
God intended men to behave like Him by courageously moving into whatever spheres of mystery they encounter and speaking life-giving power into whatever confusion they face. [ read more... ]

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Father's Day – The Prodigal Son

Hebrews 12:7-7
Topic: Father's Day
The New Testament challenges us to see the word “father” as a verb not just a noun. It’s biologically easy to become a father, but biblically challenging to actually “father” our children. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon God's Idea of a Great Dad

God's Idea of a Great Dad

Psalms 103:13-13
Topic: Father's Day
A father teaches his children how God ACTS and REACTS. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Just A Few Good Men

Just A Few Good Men

2 Samuel 23:8-8
Topic: Father's Day
I wonder if you would be willing to Stand in a worthless field of lentils and say I’M not moving until I have revival! [ read more... ]

Image for sermon A Father's Love

A Father's Love

Romans 8:35-39
Topic: Father's Day
In order for (Our Church) to reach the people who surround us, we have to love them with the same kind of love that Jesus Christ has for them. Do you know what kind of love that is? A Father’s Love! The kind of love that would cause Him to give his life for them, The kind of love that will, Labor, Work, Sweat, Toil, Bleed, Sacrifice, Spend, Never give up, Never stop looking, Never stop searching, Never stop forgiving, Never stop rescuing, Never stop loving. Our love for each other is an extension every day of our fathers love. We operate out of and under the authority of our Fathers Love. This is why we can pray for someone and believe God to reach him or her where they are. This is why we can love someone that others have stopped loving and watch a transformation take place in their lives. This is why forgiveness and grace and loving-kindness can have such an enormous impact on people’s lives around us because it is an extension or our Father’s love for them! [ read more... ]

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