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1 Peter 2:9-10

Topics: Worship

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The Lord tells Moses there is a place where you can see my glory. Only the sincere heart can be there Moses. And when you get there, it is there that I will show you my glory.

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Remove The Roof

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Do You Understand?

Acts 8:30-31
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It is said in Asia, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The Ethiopian eunuch was traveling along, reading from the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah. Through a series of events, God sent a teacher named Philip to the right place at the right time. He came into the life of the student and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” [ read more... ]

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2 Samuel 7:8-11
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2 Corinthians 11:3-4
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There are many spirits in the world, but there is only "One" Spirit of Jesus Christ. [ read more... ]

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A Childlike Faith

Matthew 18:3-3
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Have you ever met somebody who is an adult, but acts like a child? If you haven't, just go to a kids baseball game and watch. I think it would benefit adults to act like kids in certain areas of their life. [ read more... ]

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Yes You Can

Numbers 13:1-3
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A word from God will deliver you and set you free from any drug habit or addiction. [ read more... ]

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Woman, What Hast Thou Done?

Genesis 3:13-13
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It is no secret that much emphasis is placed today upon sex, and that dress designers put together their garments neither for beauty nor utility, but for sex appeal. [ read more... ]

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Water Changes Everything

Genesis 1:1-10
Topics: Baptism Getting To Know Him
So many of us were like the world when the Lord found us. We just existed without any real purpose. We lived our lives in a routine that was likely dictated by someone else; we went through our day without a clear purpose or direction, we existed to serve the routine. Our lives were void and without form. [ read more... ]

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Who Are You, Lord?

Acts 9:4-5
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A popular, misguided doctrine is called the “Trinity.” This doctrine has been accepted by many churches today. It means that God consists of three separate and distinct persons. These three are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existent. They each have equal power. This doctrine did not form part of the doctrine of the apostles in the Book of Acts. [ read more... ]

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Truth Or Tradition

Acts 2:28-28
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In history there was a great man named Aristotle. He taught that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. Because he was one of the greatest thinkers of his time, people believed him. After two thousand years of people believing this, another man named Galileo called for learned men to come to the base of a high tower. He then climbed to the top and pushed off a five kilo and a one kilo weight at the same time... [ read more... ]

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The Thief Of Prayer

Psalms 3:4-4
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Satan has stolen the most important thing in a Christian life and that is his daily communion with God; we call it Prayer. [ read more... ]

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The Power of Real Relationship

1 John 3:8-8
Topic: Getting To Know Him
When a child of God shouts praise, and he/she truly has a relationship with God, fear rocks the hearts of the spirits of hell. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Slip the Surly Sights of Simeon

Slip the Surly Sights of Simeon

Genesis 42:5-6
Topics: Encouragement Spiritual Growth Worship
Praise is where the Lord lives. Praise is how we invite Him into our presence. If you make yourself an island in a sea of praise, you will get to see the Lord work in miraculous ways… In other people’s lives. But if you join us in praise, you will see the Lord move in your own life. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon You Are Not Done Yet

You Are Not Done Yet

Deuteronomy 3:13-13
Topics: Encouragement Stewardship Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Growth Getting To Know Him
You may be here today and feel that God is done with you. The Lord wants to tell you that you are not done yet. He still has plenty of harvest out in the field. Or maybe you feel like you haven’t seen much spark lately. There has been no fire falling from heaven on your life lately. Maybe you feel that since there are no walls falling then God must not be working in your life any more. To you God says, “I’m not in the wind, nor the rocks, nor the fire; I am that still small voice in side you and I need you to make sure my will gets done.” [ read more... ]

Image for sermon The Innovating Church's Dilemma

The Innovating Church's Dilemma

Luke 6:6-10
Topics: Encouragement Spiritual Growth
We are a jar of clay; imperfect, oddly shaped, and easily broken. We look at ourselves, see our imperfections, and think that God cannot use us. But God looks at our imperfections and sees a way to demonstrate His strength. If we use the talents we possess, then the World can easily dismiss those accomplishments as mere human ability. But if God accomplishes the miracle despite our weakness, then there can be no doubt that it’s the Lord who did the work. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Grace


Ephesians 2:8-9
Topic: General
GRACE IS NOT OFTEN FOUND IN HUMAN NATURE 1 - people don’t give something for nothing 2 - people expect payment for all wrongs a - traffic fines - societal rules b - hurt feelings - personal wrongs [ read more... ]

Image for sermon God Wants You To Know

God Wants You To Know

1 Chronicles 28:9-9
Topic: Getting To Know Him
It is my strong desire that each one of you would know God in the same measure and with the same results. I don't want us to wait until I finish preaching to seek him but could we reach out to him right now and seek him? He will be found of you! He will show himself to you! You can know him in these next few minutes in a very personal way… [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Dreamers in the Desert

Dreamers in the Desert

2 Chronicles 26:3-5
Topic: Soul Winning
It is my purpose to turn this church into a soul-winning machine where those who do receive the Holy Ghost are discipled and become productive members of the local church. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Don’t Kill the Dreamer

Don’t Kill the Dreamer

Joel 2:28-28
Topic: General
A state of mind in which images, thoughts, and impressions pass through the mind of a person who is sleeping. Dreams have had a prominent place in the religious literature of ancient people. [ read more... ]

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