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The Treasure Is Closer Than You Think

Acts 2:4-4

  • Image for sermon The Treasure Is Closer Than You Think
  • Image for sermon The Treasure Is Closer Than You Think
  • Image for sermon The Treasure Is Closer Than You Think


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What are the benefits of receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost? Many think it is to “speak with other tongues.” Indeed, this is the initial evidence of receiving the Spirit. Paul said, “I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all” (1 Corinthians 14:18)...

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Where Are You Going?

Acts 2:40-40
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You might remember Mr. Huxley from a previous lesson. He was the man who had just finished a series of attacks against Christians. He was in a hurry to catch a train, and as he left the hotel, he assumed that the doorman had told the taxi driver his destination... [ read more... ]

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The Blessings of Giving

Acts 20:35-35
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When we think of “blessings”, we usually think in terms of “getting” or “receiving”. Much emphasis is put on “prosperity” by modern church movements and it is the desire of many Christians. The “Full Life Study Bible” mentions, “The measure of blessing and reward we receive will be in proportion to our concern and help given to others.” It is a biblical principle mentioned in 2 Corinthians that if we “Give Generously .... Reap Generously.” However, if we “Give Sparingly ...Reap Sparingly.” [ read more... ]

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Dreaming Dreams, Seeing Visions

Acts 2:17-17
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Helen Keller was a woman suffering from being both blind and deaf. She overcame these handicaps and raised money for the blind through the sale of her books and lectures. She was once asked, “What is worse than being blind?” She quickly responded, “Having sight but not being able to see.” [ read more... ]

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The Spirit Said

Acts 13:2-2
Topic: General
Every preacher has heard from God. How do you know when God is speaking to you (or He wants to speak through you)? [ read more... ]

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Prayer Pointers

Acts 9:11-11
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In this lesson we want to look at some “Prayer Pointers” that will help strengthen our prayer lives and will help us become prayer warriors affecting the world. [ read more... ]

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Prayer Changes

Acts 4:29-30
Topic: Prayer
It is often said that “Prayer Changes Things!” We should also add, “Prayer Changes Us!” It is true that your prayers will change things around you but sometimes your prayers change you. To make it more personal, “Prayer Changes Me!” At times our situation even remains the same; but we are different. [ read more... ]

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Persistent Prayer

Acts 1:1-14
Topic: Prayer
Often prayer is treated like a market. We bring our list of shopping needs with us and trust that Jesus will fill all of the needs. We can move beyond just asking, into seeking the Lord, and even extend into intercession [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Paper Preachers

Paper Preachers

Acts 13:49-49
Topic: Evangelism
Oswald J. Smith was a pastor greatly concerned with the task of world evangelism. He wrote, “For more than 30 years I have prayerfully considered the problem: How can we evangelize the world in the space of one generation? Long ago I was convinced that we could never send out enough missionaries. For a while I gave up hope. After travel and study in nearly one hundred countries, I have come to this conclusion – the only way we are going to carry out the Great Commission, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” will be the means of the printed page. By the systematic use of the printed page we shall be able to enter into every home and reach every individual with the gospel message.” [ read more... ]

Image for sermon God Lovers

God Lovers

Acts 1:3-3
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Many claim that I am a God-fearer—a Gentile proselyte into the Jewish religion—or that the Book of Acts was written to people like me called “God-fearers.” My name, by the way, means “one who loves God”, “lover of God” or “beloved of God.” I am a God-lover! [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

Acts 17:23-23
Topic: Doctrine
A man named Huxley, having finished another series of public attacks against Christians, was in a hurry to catch a train that would take him to the next city. He left the hotel, jumped into the taxi, settled back, and closed his eyes to rest for a couple of minutes. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Do You Understand?

Do You Understand?

Acts 8:30-31
Topic: Doctrine
It is said in Asia, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The Ethiopian eunuch was traveling along, reading from the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah. Through a series of events, God sent a teacher named Philip to the right place at the right time. He came into the life of the student and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” [ read more... ]

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Who Are You, Lord?

Acts 9:4-5
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A popular, misguided doctrine is called the “Trinity.” This doctrine has been accepted by many churches today. It means that God consists of three separate and distinct persons. These three are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existent. They each have equal power. This doctrine did not form part of the doctrine of the apostles in the Book of Acts. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Truth Or Tradition

Truth Or Tradition

Acts 2:28-28
Topic: Baptism
In history there was a great man named Aristotle. He taught that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. Because he was one of the greatest thinkers of his time, people believed him. After two thousand years of people believing this, another man named Galileo called for learned men to come to the base of a high tower. He then climbed to the top and pushed off a five kilo and a one kilo weight at the same time... [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Only One Way

Only One Way

Acts 19:23-23
Topic: Faith
A Japanese proverb states that many roads lead up Mount Fuji and all reach the top. This is a way of expressing that all religions have the same results. Many feel they are free to pick their own paths to heaven... [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Fathers as Family Leaders

Fathers as Family Leaders

Acts 16:1-1
Topic: Men's Ministry
The Book of Acts is the story of “Men With A Mission.” As you read through this story you quickly see how men with a mission to reach the world accomplished their vision. In the midst of mass evangelism, miracles, and the Word of God spreading to the known world, it is easy to overlook an important point. Hidden within the pages of the twenty-eight chapters of Acts, there is also the hint of “men with a mission” that did their part to be Fathers; family leaders. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Building A Prayer Memorial

Building A Prayer Memorial

Acts 10:4-4
Topics: Prayer Memorial Day
The subject of “prayer” has been addressed in other levels of Acts: God’s Training Manual for Today’s Church. Some topics because of their value keep returning in each level. Such topics include: Prayer, Fasting, Doctrine (Truth), Evangelism, Gifts of the Spirit, Church Growth, Giving, and Leadership. This is intended. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon Back To The Basics

Back To The Basics

Acts 2:47-47
Topic: The Church
It would be good for us to understand, we cannot cause the church to grow. We can witness, conduct evangelism, pray, fast, build a church building, but none of these will ensure that our church will grow. [ read more... ]

Image for sermon He Is Coming Soon

He Is Coming Soon

Acts 1:11-11
Topic: Christ's Return
There they stood, the followers of Jesus, staring into the sky. They deeply felt the loss of the one they dearly loved. Surely, their minds drifted back to the Master’s last message before Calvary. [ read more... ]

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Marriage with Purpose

Acts 18:26-26
Topic: Love
Priscilla and Aquilla were an effective husband and wife team who worked diligently for the extension of the kingdom. Throughout the New Testament, they appeared ever willing to serve wherever and whenever needed. [ read more... ]

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