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A Season Of Change

Genesis 1:11-14

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Sermons In This Series

Change is Coming

Genesis 1:11-14

It is time for a new season. There is a reason to move on. The sun is setting on a few things. The season is changing with a few situations. A new day is on the horizon. Something is about to change in your life. [ read more...]

Let There Be Light!

Genesis 1:14-14

It’s time for something to break loose inside of you that says, “I’m not staying where I was.” It’s time for something to wake up. It’s time for something to germinate. It’s time for some creative part of you to say, “This is not how it’s going to remain.” Something’s got to change. [ read more...]

A New Season, A New System

Genesis 1:11-13

We must understand that our God is a systematic God. He does things in order. It may look like chaos to you, but in the end, you will understand what He was doing. He’s a revelatory God; He reveals things. [ read more...]

Your Future Is Inside of You

Genesis 1:11-11

It may not look like much right now; it’s a seed. It may not appear to have much potential; it’s not all that big, it’s just a seed. It’s going to have to go through some seasons. It’s going to have to endure through some storms. It’s going to need to find some good ground in your life, so it’s not choked out by the cares of this world. But potential is inside of you. The future is inside of you. [ read more...]

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Jesus Is Better

In a confusing world where people struggle to find truth and a sense of balance in their lives, its important to know that the choice to follow Jesus is the best decision they could make. Jesus is better than the things in this world and this series explores many of the key areas where people struggle spiritually. [ read more... ]

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You Matter

People Matter. They matter to God and they should matter to us. One of the biggest hindrances to growth in any church is the general lack of compassion for other people. We easily find reason to dismiss someone from being someone we would introduce to Jesus due to how they look or what our impression of them is. However, They Matter. Just how they are at this very moment. This series will help your church to understand the urgent need to love people and to embrace them regardless of where they are at in their life. Without this, people will remain lost and our churches will not grow. [ read more... ]

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Because We are His

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Purpose Driven Life

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you really know who you are? In this series, “Purpose Driven Life,” we are taken on a journey that ultimately will help us ‘discover ourselves.’ If you have lost your sense of direction, or you never knew where you were going in the first place, this is the message for you. [ read more... ]

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Breaking Out of the Debt Trap

Surprisingly, one of the biggest topics talked about in the bible is money. Money is both a blessing and a curse to Christians, because it gives us the opportunity to put more faith in God and it also gives us the opportunity to take our faith away from God. In this series, “Breaking Out Of The Debt Trap,” our minds are challenged to think in terms of ‘God’s economics.’ Is there a greater way for God to test our faith in Him than asking for us to give back, or hold back, a little of what’s already his? [ read more... ]

Image for series I Will Build My Church

I Will Build My Church

“I Will Build My Church!” No, we don’t mean start a construction project; we mean start a revolution! God is looking for hearers of The Word to become followers of Him. He is looking for someone to step up and say, “I will build my church! I will follow God’s instructions! I will be a blessing to others!” [ read more... ]

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1 Corinthians

“1 Corinthians” is a series of expository preaching/notes that gives the listener an account of what happens in The Book of 1 Corinthians with commentary on each scripture within the text. [ read more... ]

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Jesus 24-7

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Disciples with Distinction

As Christians, we have to consistently think about how we are presenting ourselves. The reason for this is because God takes holiness very seriously. In this series, “Disciples with Distinction,” we are shown through scripture the whats, whys, and whos of holiness. [ read more... ]

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Faith Under Fire

Joseph was a mighty man in the bible. He endured so many tragedies that he shouldn’t of had to deal with in the first place and maintained a Godly lifestyle. In this series, “Faith Under Fire,” we learn about what it takes to withstand the heat of the hot seat and the blessings to come after our time in the seat Is up. [ read more... ]

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The Power of Forgiveness

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Foundation Stones

Everyone knows you can’t build a house on an unstable foundation, so why do so many Christians try to set their relationship with God on sandy soils? In this series, “Foundation Stones,” we find out which rocks are the biggest in our walk with God and which ones need to be placed first. If you follow what God’s word shows us through these lessons, your spiritual ‘shack’ will start feeling like a ‘stronghold’ and you will grasp on to the ground that holds you down… [ read more... ]

Image for series Recover All

Recover All

Have you lost God during your walk with him? Do you wish there was an ‘undo’ button in your life, because you desire to do things that please God, but continuously fail due to your own lusts and personal desires? In this series, “Recover All,” we find out what it takes to hop back on the right track with God and discover that following a few simple, but essential principles can completely transform who you are and where you stand with God! [ read more... ]

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This Means War

We stand in the strength of the Holy Ghost, covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, and on the authority of God’s Word to fight back. Are there any believers left who are indignant at the assault of the enemy? Where are the redeemed who are still proud of their God and still mad at the devil? This means war! [ read more... ]

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To All Generations

In every church there are varied generations of people. Each of these generations has specific needs. As well, each one offers to the church various ministry helps. Understanding each generation could be a key to growth and maturity for your church. Teaching the church to understand and appreciate each other's generation is vital to unity. [ read more... ]

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Feasts of Israel

Are you hungry? In this series, “Feasts Of Israel,” we take a bite into the deeper meanings of why God commanded Israel to have feasts. Through this series, we learn that God had a very specific purpose for the feasts in Israel and that purpose will affect us in the end time. [ read more... ]

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Nine Secrets of Healthy Relationships

Everyone, whether we admit it or not, wants a partner in life. The problem is that so much goes into a relationship and sometimes it only takes something very small to put a fork in the road. In this series, “Nine Secrets Of Healthy Relationships,” we find out nine things we can do, or practice, to save our current or future relationship. [ read more... ]

Image for series Living the Good Life

Living the Good Life

In the secular world, to be “Living The Good Life” is often associated with having a lot of luxuries, but in the spiritual realm, to be “Living The Good Life” is to walk in spirit and truth. Jesus taught us to be servants and Heaven’s economy teaches us that if we want to receive anything; we first have to give. In this series, “Living The Good Life,” your perception of what the “Good Life” is will be altered and if you accept and apply the truths of these lessons; you will find yourself “Living The Good Life.” [ read more... ]

Image for series The Ten Habits Of Highly Healthy Homes

The Ten Habits Of Highly Healthy Homes

We live in a “Google” society where every bit of knowledge we could ever desire to have is only the touch of a finger away. To accommodate, why don’t preachers deliver sermons in a straight to the point, “Google,” manner? In this series, “The Ten Habits Of Highly Healthy Homes,” we are taught, just the way we like it, about ten things we can start incorporating into our homes to make life just that much better. [ read more... ]

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